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SteamOS Helpers

A collection of Bash scripts and utilities to help workaround issues and limitations that I've found in SteamOS.

Built Using:

I’ve created this collection of Bash scripts in order to work around some flaws and limitations I have found when daily driving my Steam Deck.

Each script includes a separate README.adoc file detailing installation and usage instructions.

Automatic Game Resolution

Automatically sets the game resolution to the current display resolution on launch. Useful for titles that don’t handle a resolution change properly when within a gamescope session, or if you are just lazy and don’t want to change your resolution manually between docked and handheld mode.

The script also allows you to override the target resolution on a per-title, per-display-resolution basis.

Currently, this script supports the following titles:

Firefox in Game Mode

Firefox doesn’t work very well when directly added as a non-Steam game. This script executes Firefox in a standalone KWin Wayland session so that Firefox menus and windows work properly.

Wake-on-Bluetooth Settings

Do you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that wake your Steam Deck OLED every single time you turn them on?

With this script, you can selectively turn on or off Wake-on-Bluetooth for each of your Bluetooth devices.


The original LED Deck models do not support Wake-on-Bluetooth functionality. This script will therefore have no effect on these specific models.

Wake-on-Bluetooth hardware support was introduced with the 2023 OLED Steam Deck.

XTerm Wrapper

Display STDOUT and STDERR in a terminal window when launching a title. Useful for debugging purposes or for games that take a while to load.