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First Impression: Overwatch

A surprisingly excellent foray into FPS from a developer with little to none experience in that genre.

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Overwatch is Blizzard’s first attempt at a first person shooter game, and it seems they have gotten everything right. I had the incredible fortune of trying out this game during their stress test closed beta session.

For the unaware, Overwatch is a class-based shooter where two teams fight over various objectives. Similarly to Team Fortress 2, those objectives can take the form of static control points or an item that the attacking team have to escort to the end of the map.

Classes are separated into 4 main roles:

Each heros comes with a diverse set of skills and one ultimate skill: a skill which usually can change the balance of power in a particular fight if used properly.

In my short time in the game, all heros seemed to be balanced. I did have a few frustrating moments, however, where, as a team of very badly coordinated attackers, we were getting shut down by enemies playing Mei (a hero whose ability is to freeze enemies if she manages to hit them long enough) and Bastion (a hero/sentry turret mix). That said, this was more result of my team’s lack of coordination.

The gunplay is absolutely solid. I enjoyed every single game, every when we were losing badly. Large team battles are excellent, especially when you are playing the Tank role. You really have to work to keep enemy players at bay from the squishier players on your team.

The heros I enjoyed the most were Pharah, Bastion, Reinhardt and D.Va. Pharah and D.Va’s high mobility did allow me to project damage to enemies much faster than other heros (at the exception of Tracer), but it does come with drawbacks that you quickly learn to deal with.


The three maps we got try were gorgeous and beautifully detailed. Every single starting area was filled with physics objects you could throw around while you waited for the game to start. I also didn’t notice any performance problems in highly detailed areas, even during fights.

All in all, I am extremely impressed with this game and I highly recommend you try it if you get the chance. While the price did give me doubts, playing the game during the weekend did convince me that this is going to be an absolute blast of a title.

I leave you with a pair of videos (one official, one not) showcasing the gameplay.

MassiveG’s Overwatch Session

As I forgot to record my own gameplay session…

Gameplay Trailer

Overwatch‘s official gameplay trailer #2

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